Automated playlists becomes smarter

A bunch of new features on will help you build the perfect playlist.

Posted by Julien Mahin on November 20, 2017

It has been almost three months since the launch of our beta. We have read carefully all of your feedbacks, and we are proud to release today our biggest update until now. We have gone from a simple tool to build a playlist with the most popular tracks from an artist or label to a tool letting you customize your playlist in any way you can imagine.

Let's take a few minutes to go through the process of creating your smart and automated playlist on Spotify.

First things first: the artists and labels

The most important input for your playlist is the list of artists and labels from which we should get the tracks. You can build pretty complex criteria so that we select the right tracks.

If you select one artist, we will get all the tracks from this artist. If you select multiple artist, we will get all the tracks from each of the artists. If you select, on the same criterion, one artist and one label, we will select the tracks from the selected artist released on the selected label. If you select only one label, we will get all the tracks released on this label.

Artists/labels criteria This would select all the tracks from Armin van Buuren, the tracks from Orjan Nilsen released on Armind, and the tracks from Ruben De Ronde released on Armind or Statement! or A State Of Trance.

The fun part: the filters

This is the section where the playlist creation can become more complex. We allow you to add multiple filters so that only the right tracks reach your playlist. For a track to be added in your playlist, it needs to match all the filters you have created.

We currently offer 8 types of filters:

  • Release date
  • Acousticness
  • Energy
  • Instrumentalness
  • Liveness
  • Speechiness
  • Tempo
  • Valence

As you can imagine, it would for example be easy to build a playlist containing only tracks released on the last 6 months, that have a high energy, feels positive/happy and have a tempo of at least 128 BPM. You can get more information about each filter on our FAQ.

Filters These filters would restrict the tracks to the ones released after January 1st 2017, that have more energy, feels very happy and positive and have a BPM higher than 125.

Which subset of tracks to select

At this point, we have a set of tracks matching your artist/labels criteria and all your filters. You probably have an idea of the number of tracks you want to include on your playlist, the norm being around 50 tracks for the most followed playlists. So we will need to select the right subset.

Here gain, we leave you the choice. Do you want the most popular tracks? The most recent tracks? The most energetic? The ones with the higher tempo?

Tracks selection

Final step: the sorting

It is almost done. We have selected the tracks you want to add to your playlist. One last parameter is how we should order them. Once again, it is possible to sort them by popularity, tempo, energy, valence, release date, ...


As you can see, we have evolved to a more complex playlist creation process, allowing you to customize as much as possible the end result, while trying to keeping it simple to configure. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Build your smart and automated Spotify playlists